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Why did you build a website anyway?
It’s sorta fun and it feels nice to have stuff in an organized manner. I am also hopeful that this will get me motivated to try my chance with writing more often (even this page counts).

Why Hannibal did not attack Rome while he had the chance?
He did not have the necessary manpower and logistics, especially to effectively siege Rome. Fabian tactics were seemingly necessary and also fruitful in retrospective — and it was possibly becoming harder every day for Carthaginians to defend their new allies in Italian peninsula. On top of that, Hasdrubal lost the battle at the Metauro river, so the reinforcements and the siege equipment from Carthage did not arrive at all. It could be also argued that attacking Rome itself was never a part of Hannibal’s plan, arguably his aim was to win battles against Roman legions to dislodge Rome from its position with the Italian allies.